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BlackCat Security Consulting, Inc. (“BlackCat”) offers the following security services:

Security Advisory – BlackCat provides security advisory services to many fortune 500 companies. We serve all verticals and industries, including international clients.


Corporate Security
Security Assessments
Policies / Procedures / Guidelines
Risk Analysis
IT Security
Data Security
Data Classification
Data Mapping
Network Security

Firewall Security
Application Security
Incident Response
Managed Security Services
Business Continuity Planning
Vulnerability Assessments
Disaster Recovery Planning
Security Management
Security Awareness Training

Emergency Response Coordination & Planning
Mobile Workforce Security
Computer Forensics
Building & Campus Security
Garage / Yard / Storeroom Security
Leased Operations Facility Security
Transportation Security
Supply Chain Security
Site Security

Enterprise Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Security (GRC)

Security Assessments - Logical (IT) and Physical Security

Regulatory Compliance Assessments

Security Documentation (Policies and Procedures)

Vulnerability Assessments (Cyber Security)

Red Team vs. Blue Team Simulations (For any industry)

School Campus
Business Campus

Church Security

Data Center Security

Tool and Vendor Selection

System Hardening Guidelines

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