BlackCat is the global leader in providing a full spectrum of security advisory services that are specialized to the tele-communications industry. We have years of experience in performing security work for several Tier-1 carriers and cable providers. Our team has over 60 years of combined tele-communications industry experience.


Corporate Security
Policies / Procedures / Guidelines
IT Security
Data Security
Network Security
Firewall Security
Application Security
Computer Incident Response
Managed Security Services
Security Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments

Security Management
Wireless Security
Security Awareness Training
Emergency Response Security
Mobile Workforce Security
Building & Campus Security
Central Office Security
Garage / Yard / Storeroom Security
Leased Operations Facility Security
Cable Vault, Manhole & Hand-Hole Security

Shipping & Handling Security
Repeater Hut Security
Fiber Optic Regeneration Station Security
Building Communication Room Security
Work Crew / Site Security
Cell Tower Hut Security
Splicing Security
Repair Security
Trenching & Digging Security
Construction Security

Enterprise Governmance, Risk, Compliance, and Security (EGRCS)

Government Data Security Assessments

Mobile Wireless Workforce Security

HIPAA / HITECH Compliance

ISO 27001:2005 Readiness Assessments